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Blue Rey Energy
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Have continuous power supply where grid infrastructure is limited.

Go Solar with Us!

No More Outages
By going solar, you put the headache of electricity outages, generator breakdowns, and scorching sleepless nights behind. As we all know, frequent power interruptions can be very bothersome.
Long life
Solar-powered systems are supposed to be a long-term investment, that is why their functional life span is well above 25 years, depending on the component. It needs no or minimal maintenance during its functional life.
European Quality
Our inverters come from top European manufacturers (Victron & Fronius). They provide top-quality inverters with guarantees of up to 25 years. Our cables are from Prysmian, which is the global leader in the cable systems industry.
Worthwhile Investment
Although the initial cost of setting up a solar-powered system may be high, but the initial capital is recovered within 2 to 5 years (depending on your local power price, it may even be sooner). All the while providing an uninterrupted power supply.
Quality Electricity
Our solar powered systems provide consistent grid-grade voltage and frequencies conformant to national specifications. This makes your appliances, especially air conditioners, run at full performance.
Make the Earth Happy
Have a positive impact on global warming by greatly reducing CO2 emissions. In fact, you reduce approximately 5 metric tones of CO2 for every 47 kWh produced by the system each year as running cost is zero.
Rest assured with our PV systems as all components are backed by manufacturer working guarantees. Solar panels come with a 25-year guarantee, batteries with a 10-year guarantee, and inverters up to 25-year guarantees.
Power in the Dark
No sunny day lasts forever, so we provide seamless power storage solutions with our PV installations. We use lithium-ion batteries with 10+ years of an operational lifetime from BYD, which is one of the world's best selling battery manufacturers.
Real time Monitoring
With our systems, you can view information on the status of your system anywhere from any device. You won't be left "in the dark" anymore!

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