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LORENTZ, based in Germany, is the German art of Solar Powered Water Pumping. Designed and manufactured just outside of Hamburg, are the smart devices that run a Solar Powered System for purposes involving an essential element of life, water. Remote Monitoring & Management are key features that come with LORENTZ products. BRE has utilized the clean Solar Water Pumping System in Iraqi lands for +60 locations.

LORENTZ is the leading manufacturer of solar water pumping systems to deliver water to people, livestock, and agriculture. LORENTZ manufactures highly reliable and very efficient solar pumping inverters, pumps, motors, and a wide range of sensor accessories to satisfy the needs of customers. Lorentz products are remotely controlled and monitored, and they give users a very satisfying experience.

LORENTZ manufactures two distinct class controllers for two different applications. For small and medium applications, very efficient and reliable PS2 controllers can be used with DC pump units ranging from 0.1KW to 4.0KW. The controller can control flow rate, pressure, water level, and several other parameters to achieve the desired output for the user.

For larger projects, PSK class controllers are designed to efficiently use solar power to deliver the maximum amount of water for the given conditions. Their power class ranges from 5.5hp to 100hp. The controller can control flow rate, pressure, water level, and several other parameters to achieve the desired output for the user. LORENTZ PSk hybrid is not simply switching from one power source to another but will automatically blend grid power and generator power with the core solar power supply.

LORENTZ offers submersible pumps and surface pumps. Submersible pumps are water filled while surface pumps can be installed on rivers, ponds, and channels. Both types are made of high quality non corrodible materials to withstand harsh conditions of remote areas. A wide range of solar pumps is provided to closely match each application and optimize efficiency. The pumps range from small DC 0.3KW pumps to 90KW three phase pumps and can supply water for small households to large scale irrigation or livestock. LORENTZ also manufactures pool pumps.

LORENTZ accessories complete your LORENTZ system by offering a wide range of compatible probes, sensors, solar power connection equipment, racking and PV modules. This enables a single source of testing, ready to integrate components to give you a complete solution.

A range of sensors connect to the LORENTZ pump controllers to allow measurement of pressures, water levels, water detection and irradiation levels. There is also a range of water meters which can be connected to the controller for accurate flow measurement. The controller records can act on the information from the sensors.

Lack of grid power and its instability makes solar water pumping an excellent choice in Iraq. Blue Ray Energy Company is the sole distributor and exclusive partner for LORENTZ in Iraq. Blue Ray Energy has an impressive track record of +60 projects in designing and installing solar water pump systems from LORENTZ.
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