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Fronius, based in Austria, has a global reputation in welding, perfect charging and solar energy. Fronius inverters are the go to solution for On Grid systems. BRE utilizes Fronius inverters in Solar Power Systems when there is Grid supply. The Fronius Solar Web allows for 24/7 Data Monitoring

Founded in 1945, The Austrian manufacturer Fronius has 77 years of experience in the business and is one of the world’s leaders in Solar Energy, Welding and Perfect Charging. Fronius is famous not only for its high sales but also for its reliability, quality and service.

Fronius now offers a wide variety of different inverters. Fronius has set itself a clear goal: In its vision of “24 hours of sun”, the future is electric and characterized by renewable energy. Accordingly, Fronius is concentrating on solutions for generating solar energy cost-effectively and intelligently. One thing is clear: you can rely on the manufacturer’s inverters.

Fronius manufactures both on-grid and hybrid inverters. Hybrid inverters can work and invert power whether grid power is available or not. They can work both with the grid and without the grid. This means that those systems utilize batteries to act as a backup at times of grid outage. Fronius and BYD were joint winners in 2022 in the 5-kWp-category in Solar Battery Test Winner

Fronius manufactures two types of hybrid inverters, which are called Symo Gen24 for three phase systems and Primo Gen24 for single phase hybrid systems. The Fronius hybrid solution is the perfect and compact  solution for the unstable and sporadic grid shutdowns in Iraq. 

Fronius has been producing Grid-tied inverters that are the most compact and reliable inverters since 1995 .The inverters are efficient and reliable, and they are the indispensable heart of every photovoltaic system . Tauro Eco inverter is the biggest among inverter classes that can deliver up to 100 KW of power and can be connected with other Tauro Eco inverters to generate several megawatts of power.

The market for grid-tied inverters is much bigger and more established than that of hybrid inverters. This is why finding quality european-made hybrid inverters is difficult and costly.

According to many ranking sources, Fronius is usually on the Top 5 inverter manufacturers list.
Fronius inverters can have up to 25 years of warranty. They can be LAN or WAN connected and monitored.

BLUE RAY ENERGY is the exclusive Fronius dealer in Iraq. We are proud to offer Fronius inverters and design PV solutions to customers in the KURDISTAN REGION and Iraq. Visit Fronius International for more information