BYD, based in Shenzhen China, is a world leader in Battery making in the Automobile Industry as well as Solar Power Industry. ​​BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are the safest technologies in use, which have high capacity flexibility and high power output. As BRE, we utilize the quality and performance guaranteed BYD batteries for its customers to provide long term power supply in the dark.

BYD is one of the largest rechargeable battery manufacturers in the world. BYD develops batteries for a broad range of applications—from cell phones and laptops to large-scale, grid-connected energy storage systems. BYD’s non-toxic Iron-Phosphate battery chemistry makes it the safest choice available on the market today.

Founded in 1995 as a pioneer in battery technology, BYD’s mission is to change the world by creating a complete, clean-energy ecosystem that reduces the world’s reliance on petroleum. BYD’s innovative products are leaders in multiple sectors, including battery-electric automobiles, buses, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and forklifts; the SkyRail monorail system; solar power generation and energy storage systems; and consumer electronics.

BYD is the leading Cobalt free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery manufacturer in the world, that manufactures a wide range of batteries compatible with the leading 1 and 3 phase High Voltage battery inverters. BYD manufactures its battery management systems “BMS” and battery management units “BMU” for further protection and better communication with inverters. The batteries are manufactured using the highest safety standards like VDE 2510-50) to operate at extreme temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +50 °C and withstand a very high number of cycles (8 year warranty)


BYD manufactures LVS، LV FLEX and LVL batteries for low voltage inverters, such as Victron, and they provide a reliable source of electricity in off-grid, on-grid, and backup modes for single and three phase applications. LV FLEX models’ unit size is 5kWh, while LVS models come with 4.0 kWh units, and they can be connected in parallel to provide backup power up to 48 kWh of storage.

BYD also manufactures HVS and HVM for high voltage inverters, such as Fronius and SMA, and they provide a reliable source of electricity in off-grid, on-grid, and backup modes. HVS and HVM models come with 2.56KWh and 2.76 KWh, respectively, and they can provide backup power up to 38.2 KWh and 66.2 KWh of storage, respectively.

The most important specification for Batteries is the lifetime, which is assessed by years of charging/Recharging cycles, hence the BYD batteries working life is +10 Years and more than 10000 Cycles.

BRE is the exclusive Partner of BYD batteries in Iraq. The batteries own 8 years of Warranty. Investment in BYD batteries is certainly profitable.

For more details about BYD Battery Technology visit BYD.