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BRE attends the closing event of 45 Wells Solar Power System project funded by the European Union

BRE attends the closing event of 45 Wells  Solar Power System project funded by the European Union

As the contractor of the project, BRE proudly presented the end results of the design and implementation conducted for the supply, installation and commissioning of solar water pumps for 40 agricultural wells with 5 drinking water wells in different locations of Erbil Province. 

The event hosted Erbil Governor Mr. Omid Khoshnaw, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Mr. Ghimar Deeb, Chairman of the Regional Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Board Mr. Abdulrahman Siddiq, representatives of the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Agriculture along with many other valued guests.  

The project was conducted by the two contractors Blue Ray Energy JV Delsoz Company, completed within 225 calendar days. 

The project consisted of 45 different locations in Erbil Province. Additionally, Site preparation, System installation, System configuration and system operation of all 45 locations performed. It’s worth mentioning that the total number of Solar panels installed reached 3381, with a generation capacity of 1.35 MWp. Peak water flow using the abovementioned solar energy systems can reach 12,520 (m3/day), that is 12, 520, 000 Liters. 

Collectively, the systems can provide 2.2 MWh electrical energy annually and most importantly total carbon footprint reduction can reach 665 metric tons compared to using generators to generate this amount of electrical energy. 

CEO & Founder of Blue Ray Energy, Eng. Yasin Shekh Abubakir Mawati, beside his appreciation for such an initiative by the EU, UNDP and Erbil Governorate for focusing on renewable energy and long term investment, he also mentioned the environmental benefits of the initiative that plays a much bigger role compared to the other crucial benefits of renewable energy. He also stated that more of such initiatives should be implemented in the future as no one can be safe from a polluted environment and the harmful effects of global warming.  

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