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BRE Training on Lorentz Solar Water Pump Systems Operation & Management Training for Erbil Governorate staff

“BRE Training on Lorentz Solar Water Pump Systems Operation & Management Training for Erbil Governorate staff”

On UNDP and Erbil Governorate’s demand, as part of the Solar Water Pumping for 40 Agricultural Wells and 5 Drinking Wells in Erbil Rural Areas project that was funded by the European Union,  

Blue Ray Energy and Delsoz Company as the contractors of the project, conducted two days of intensive Training regarding Solar Energy in general and the Operation & Management of LORENTZ Solar Water Pump Systems specifically, to Associated Engineers from the Ministry of Electricity, Environment Board, Erbil Governor, and Erbil Surrounding Water Directorate. 

It’s worth to note that the training was conducted by skilled & knowledgeable engineers in the electrical sector including renewable energy, as well as performing live demonstration of LORENTZ water pumping devices for in-depth understanding.

Eng. Zahir from Delsoz Co. started by introducing Solar power, going in depth into the technology used in the making of solar panels and the importance of solar energy in various aspects. 

Eng. Srwa from Blue Ray Energy Co. continued by speaking about the high quality European vendors of Blue Ray Energy and the importance of utilizing such quality products to ensure a longer life span of the solar energy systems. 

Eng. Eyub from Blue Ray Energy Co. delved into  LORENTZ products, their outstanding performance and guaranteed quality. Additionally covering all 45 wells, statistical information, detailed LORENTZ system configuration, remote system operation, remote system monitoring and data logging.  

Lastly, the participants were given the opportunity to experience the operation of a LORENTZ Solar Water Pump System in real time with Eng. Eyub’s explanation.

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