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About Us

About Us

Blue Ray Energy (BRE) for Investment and Energy Development, Ltd. Founded in 2018, advanced in providing smart Electrical Solutions. BRE specializes in the design, consultation, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and supply of top-tier brand products from major manufacturers. Each BRE project is intended to provide long-term, sustainable, and intelligent solutions. BRE has successfully executed multiple electrical engineering solutions, including electrical project delivery, operating services, organization, optimization, building up services, and solar energy systems for commercial, residential, and agricultural uses, using skilled personnel and quality products. In the KRI and Iraq, BRE is the single partner of leading, innovative, and certified brands. See Partners to find out more.
Taking the lead in expanding and improving electrical services given to KRI and Iraqi citizens, with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and quality, including the renewable energy sector through durable and efficient solutions.

A future with Sustainable, Economic, & Efficient power supply

Why Us?

Six features only. Integrity, Global Recognition, Sustainability, Long Life, Quality, and Support.

Our reputation is shaped around honesty and dependability. Formed from strong values and principles that have persistently stayed with us throughout our history of work
Our philosophy of support is to guarantee your system operation in the best level of performance. Troubleshooting, system upgrading or any other things you may need to resolve, we are right there with you.
Customer’s comfort and trust in our solutions is what we aim for. Ease of use, near-to-zero maintenance and durability are just a few quality features of our products to mention.
Long Life
We don’t wanna waste your money on temporary solutions. Rest assured, every cent you spend on our products will bring out a service that is adequate for some 20+ years. Excluding Solar Panels, that have a life expectancy of 25+ years.
Global Recognition
We only provide you with world class products that have proven efficiency, reliability and functionality.
Far from harming the environment, BRE’s solutions help reduce Carbon Footprint, Sound Pollution and Power Production Cost.
Introducing electrical supplies from leading, innovative manufacturers from around the world
Efficient and detailed solutions designed with up-to-date technology
Stability, Strength & Precision
24/7 Data Monitoring & Control
Quick Fix & Troubleshooting
Guidance with Strategic & Effective Solutions
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